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Romanticizing - Sam Glynn

They tell me: “you deserve better than him”

They tell me: “move on - that’s what you should do”

How can I? So suddenly on a whim,

Especially after all we’ve been through?

It’s apparent our history’s fleeting

He always told me “let the past die”

But how am I to handle this beating,

Knowing everything shared was a lie?

Hoping to give us some sense of closure

I tried to talk to him, my wounds still fresh

And with all my might, contain composure

But he told me curtly: “we just don’t mesh.”

I suppose it’s nice knowing that he’s fine

He’s good - really, he washed his hands of it

As for me, I’m far, far below cloud nine

And he sees - he knows that I’m torn and split.

He never cared, he moved on long before I had known,

He uprooted the tree of him and me, which I thought had grown.

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