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IT'S IN THE EYES - Luke Vargas

"It's in the Eyes"

A person’s eyes are often pretty unimportant. In the end I don’t think a person’s eyes reveal altogether that much about someone or who they are. They don’t seem to make some unignorable addition to a person’s attractiveness. The eyes and eye color are most often completely inconsequential to a person in terms of how they are viewed by others. But not all eyes. I make a case for a very small niche of eyes. These eyes are different. They don’t have some special color or size. They are not special based on any concrete or measurable qualities that most would associate an eyeball’s worth to. These eyes don’t belong to some special or attractive face. These eyes are rare, and they make that person unique. These eyes are more than mere windows to the soul. They are telescopes and microscopes that channel heavenly grace and light. They bring comforting warmth and restless electricity. There’s magic to them. When your eyes meet with these eyes the world seems to grow brighter. Your heart beats faster and your mind goes blank. Time stops ticking. For what could be a moment or minutes or hours, something special occurs. Powerful beauty is transferred, the Spirit of Light and Truth is shared. Nothing matters because everything becomes good and holy. These sacred eyes. The entire world disappears with the locking of eyes. A moment of heaven. A moment with God. For a second, if only a second, you fall in love, or you’re reborn with love. In that moment, you become anew. Then the whole world winds back, time begins to click back into focus. The lights dim down to the normal glow

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