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"Honey, I'm Home!" - Clayton Cockfield

Hey honey, I’m home. Work was a train wreck today. Tom gathered everyone in the conference room saying corporate was letting go people who weren’t “displaying admirable employee work ethic." Right? That’s the same expression I had. And now everyone’s turning on each other, trying to catch us if we’re doing something wrong. Someone snitched on Marcy and Liam for talking too long in the lounge. I get Marcy, she’s always been slow, but Liam? Liam’s been working longer than everyone in upper management. Some bull if you ask me. But enough about my day. Tell me, my love, how has your day been? … That bad, huh? Tell you what, how about I make some of my world famous meatloaf tonight? How’s that sound? Haha, there we go, I knew that’d cheer you right up.

Whew, a lot of mail today. Let’s see: bill, bill, oh honey your favorite magazine came in, bill, here’s the odor eliminator I ordered, and a letter from… your mother. Here I’ll read it for you: “Hey, sweetie. It’s mom. Just checking in, Fred said you guys were unplugging from all technology- an odd choice, in my opinion- so I thought I’d try to see if the postal service still works. Doug and I were hoping to come down to visit sometime, maybe this Thanksgiving? Love you, mom.” What do you think? … Yeah I don’t think so either. Don’t worry, I’ll respond for you. You just sit there and enjoy your new magazine. I’ll get started on the meatloaf.

I’m so glad you decided to stay with me, Catherine. The world out there is cruel. I couldn’t in my right mind let you out there when so many people wish to take you from me. Not like that Nickolas did. Not like your parents are trying to do. Don’t worry though; he won’t bother you anymore. You’re safe here. You’re safe.

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