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Block Game - Sam Glynn

Thinking back on it, most of the time I spent with him was through Minecraft. Before you say “hell yeah,” or “good taste,” I don’t find it fun. Did I enjoy spending countless evenings talking about topics deeper than the Marianas Trench? Of course. The game itself though? I only bought a Realm to use it as a glorified chatroom. I knew it’d be a guaranteed way to spend time with him. I could have asked him to hang out, but after the fourth (or fifth?) time he flaked on me I figured it’d be better not to ask.

Maybe it was because we had already talked so much before the Realm that we continued to open up to each other, or maybe it was because he couldn’t see me and that made it easier for him. Our conversations were dogs without leashes, horses without fences, children with their parents credit cards - that is to say, there were no restrictions. From a youthful (in spirit) English teacher named “Victah,” to whether or not wearing socks to bed is a habit of the elderly, to the possibility of the CIA hunting me down for a school project I did on MK Ultra. There were serious topics though, such as how terrifying college is, if the world would be dead in the next few years, or whether or not the CIA would hunt me down for the school project I did on MK Ultra. The personal conversations were my favorites. Unfortunately for you though, I’m no Sedaris - meaning I’m not going to be sharing any. I can’t say it was because of any amount of trust that he told me these things, or because I was a good person even. In his words, “you were just there.” Does it sting? Oh yeah. Am I happy to have helped him? Totally. Am I in a state of utter confusion as to why someone would open up to me completely only to leave saying that nothing we had was “real”? You bet...but I’m getting sidetracked.

Having someone be completely open with you is a beautiful thing. No judgement is passed, there’s the mutual understanding that you’re both humans - that you both feel emotions, pain especially.

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